*The Zion United Brethren Cemetery is now being maintained by Miami Township, Hamilton County.  

Miami Township Hamilton County

Zion Community Methodist Church

Making Disciples of Jesus Christ


Rev. Scott D. Meeker


1807 - The church began as the “Zion Class”, a group that gathered for study and worship in the home of George and Rosalia Fagaly.

1811 - A log meeting house was built on the Fagaly property for study and worship led by Mrs. Fagaly and various pioneer circuit pastors.

1820 - The Zion United Brethren Church building was erected on Zion Road in Miami Heights (on the property of the still existing cemetery*).

1876 - Fire destroyed the church building, which was rebuilt and dedicated in 1877.

1913 - A tornado destroyed the church building.

1914 - A new church building was built and dedicated.

1946 - The United Brethren Church becomes the Evangelical United Brethren Church.

1956 - The church’s membership and attendance was increasing and planning of a new and larger church building began.

1961 - The new church building, still in-use today, was dedicated.

1968  - The Evangelical United Brethren Church became known as the Zion United Methodist Church.

2007 - Zion United Methodist Church celebrated its 200th anniversary.

2013 - The church joined the Global Methodist Church and is now Zion Community Methodist Church.